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Why Choose Poo 2 You?

Poo 2 You was opened it 2010 to deliver manure direct to the customer. From day one it has always been the aim to service our customers in a friendly and reliable manner.

We always use the same suppliers who are all from country W.A thus ensuring a consistent quality of product.

In June 2016 we finished the development of our custom built site in Muchea enabling us to better serve our growing customer base.

What Is  Natural Manure?

There are lots of different manures on the market today ranging from chemically engineered fertilisers though to natural fertiliser and manures.  All of the Poo 2 You manures are 100% natural and processed with only local Western Australian livestock.

We believe that our range of manures and composts are one of the best on the market and hundreds of our clients would agree.

What Manure Compost Does For Your Soil

  • Improves root zone aeration

    Healthy soil is a living, breathing ecosystem. Adding compost to heavy soils lightens the soil, improving air and water inflitration and ultimately resulting in better plant strength.

  • Increases water retention

    Compost, like a sponge, increases the water-holding capacity of your soils. This, in turn, reduces drought risks and irrigation requirements.

  • Adds abundant nutrients

    Plant growth depends on the availability of essential nutrients – especially nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Adding compost is like giving your plants a buffet selection of all critical nutrients.

  • Improves soil structure

    Compost improves your soils organic matter and overall soil structures, making a thriving, healthy bed for your vegetables and flowers. Plus, it becomes more resistant to erosion and compaction.

  • Outperforms chemical fertilisers

    Inorganic fertilisers can provide quick growth benefits, but compost introduces micronutrients and microbes that help to sustains plant growth in the long-term.

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